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Introduction To Kangai Technologies Kenya

About Us

Kangai Technologies is a FinTech startup company that develops Software Applications for small & middle sized enterprises (SMEs).

We empower our clients & millions of their customers around the globe to nuture their businesses with our bespoke cloud technology, award winning support, super secure & smart features on our platform.

Our Background

Founded in 2017 & headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with multiple remote locations in Africa, Kangai is 100% founder owned & highly profitable.

Our Vision

To be an internationally acclaimed Information, Communication & Technology Solution Provider based on dynamic principles of innovation, efficiency, skill & perfection..

Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our clients & provide exceptional services by pursuing business through innovation & advanced technology.

Who We Are-Kangai Technologies


We have the Experience, Innovative Culture & Skills to grasp your ideas & turn them into reality. Here are some of our top notch featured services.

Software Development

Our broad spectrum of Software products have been designed, created, tested, maintained & implemented in all corners of the World.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

We deploy cloud-based software delivery models by developing & maintaining cloud application software & providing automatic software updates.


Tech platforms rely on Critical Infrastructure Security, Network Security, Cloud Security, Application Security & Internet of Things (IoT) Security.

Web Design

Our Software Engineers efficiently design Adaptive, Dynamic & Responsive websites with emphasis on User Experience (UX) & Search Engine Optimization.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services will allow your employees to work remotely on projects from any location. This is especially useful to companies that operate in multiple locations.

IT Consulting & Maintenance

We assess the needs of a business to determine which IT pathway would be best for them based on their goals. We also assist to deploy selected IT Services & maintain them.

Why Choose Us?

We have built a large pool of knowledge that we apply to deliver solutions that meet client's needs, expectations & budget.

Effective Synergy

On Time Delivery

Client First

Exceptional Customer Service

Strong Expertise

High Performance Web Solutions

CSR Projects

System Presentations

Days of Server Uptime

Positive Feedback Posts

Our Products

Since inception, we have been steadfast in churning out revolutionary software products to counter the challenges faced by businesses in their operations.

Saccotek Sacco Management Software-Kangai Technologies


SaccoTek is a financial system targeting small & upcoming firms in Africa.

It is an integrated management information system that has been designed & developed to provide an efficient & effective solution to the numerous issues that hinder Saccos & other Micro Finance Institutions(MFI).

We seek to transform the operations of Saccos to cut down on operational costs & position the business for greater growth opportunities through automation of the Sacco management processes to promote sustainable innovation, efficiency & transparency. Our User Interface design (UI) provides a user-friendly background as well as user-friendly functions.

Some of the critical modules on the Saccotek Sacco Management System include: Member Personal Account(MPA), Check-Off, Cash book, General Ledger, Assets Register, Investments, Online Members Portal, Bank & M-Pesa Integrations, Mobile Loans Dispensation & Bulk SMS Modules.

Rent Master Property Management Software-Kangai Technologies


RentMaster is a property management software developed to revolutionize the Real Estate industry players; landlords, real estate agents & tenants.

The system has an integrated mechanism that automates all the tedious & repetitive operations to allow faster turnaround of business. Invoices are automatically generated on the 1st day of the Month. Penalties for late payments are also automated. This guarantees maximum returns & transparency.

RentMaster has massive scalability & inter-operability since it can be accessed from any corner of the world using any device with a reliable internet connection.

Our rental system automates the calculations for Agency Commissions, Advances paid to Landlords, Rental Income Tax, Landlord & Tenant Statements, Rent Arrears Balances, Debtors Lists & Deliquency/Compliance reports.

Kangai Pay Payroll Management Software-Kangai Technologies


Kangai Pay is an integrated Human Resource Management Software that provide effective solutions to the numerous human resource issues that hinder companies.

The software monitors employees’ performance & attendance as reported by the payroll clerks or hardware components like a biometric access system. It has customizable features that enable payroll data to be configured to banking templates to enable direct uploads for payroll processing as per individual bank's requirements.

Kangai Pay will automatically generate all standard PAYE, NSSF, SHIF (formerly known as NHIF) & Housing Levy Fund Reports once a payroll has been processed. These Reports can be directly printed from the system or exported to Excel format for online submission to the respective portal platforms.

These reports include KRA PAYE, P9, P10, P10A, NHIF Byproduct, NSSF, NITA, Leave Applications, Daily Attendance, Company Assets Issues, Payroll reports & Banking lists.

Saccotek Housing Management Software-Kangai Technologies


Saccotek Housing is an integrated real estate management information system that has been designed for Real Estate companies & Housing Co-operatives.

The system comes equipped with a state-of-the-art Automated Certificate Generator for all members' Share Capital Certificates & Plot certificates. The certificates are available to members & clients via the mobile portal. They can be used for proof of ownership or even as collateral.

Crucial reports include plot debtors & their status, plot pricing lists, defaulted plot payments, cost of sales reports & recently completed transactions.

All modules have been engineered to meet all criteria envisaged in a real estate environment. They can be split into four major phases; Property Acquisition, Property Demarcation, Property Allocation, Property Disposal & Property Accounting.

K-Afya Hospital Management Software-Kangai Technologies


K-AFYA is an advanced Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) that has been developed with the foresight of tackling all challenges that are experienced in operating a health facility.

It has excelled as a dependable hospital management system by improving the quality of all medical services, reduction of operation costs by minimizing the usage of paperwork & improvement of hospital revenue collection by closing all loop holes used to misappropriate the hospital funds.

This will all be in Real Time too. No more waiting for your local bank to send you the statements. Payments via M-pesa & selected Banks will be automatically recorded into the system the moment a patient completes a transaction.

The main modules that make up the core pillars of the system are: Patient Registraton & Triage, Outpatient, Laboratory, Pharmacy, In-Patient, Imaging/X-Ray, Morgue, Human Resources & Payroll, Inventory & Finance Module.

Kangai ERP Management Software-Kangai Technologies


Kangai Enterprise Resource Planning System (KangaiERP) is a customizable software product optimized for organizations to assist in the daily operations in their business scope.

This includes activities such as business intelligence, business analytics, compliance & risk assessment, financial accounting, human resource & supply chain management. Our ERP system has been developed with a centralized data repository as the core foundation on its work-flow & engineering.

Everything input into the database is unique & serialized. This will ensure the sharing & transmission of the same data across multiple system users who belong to different departments within the same organization without any fear of duplication.

Main reports in the ERP system are: Stock Returns, Distributor replacements, Inventory Returns, Sales by Personnel, Sales by products, VAT Input & Output reports, Commissions reports for your sales teams, expenditure reports for fuel, motor vehicles & other regular accounts, pending Local Purchase Orders & Personnel reports etc.

Our CLients

We would love nothing more than adding you to our family of happy clients. Join the Winning Team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Kangai Technologies? Ask us anything about our brand, projects, & get factual responses.

Frequently Asked Questions-Kangai Technologies

Yes. All our systems are configured to run on a secure browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Brave.
Thus, we host our software products on our dedicated cloud servers to enable seamless access & connectivity from anywhere in the world.

We price our software products quite competitively.
Pricing is based on factors such as; number of users, physical location & the scope of data.

We also have two models of payment; One-off & subscription models.
In the One-off model, the software is sold at an agreed fee & the software license is transferred to the client as a deed of full ownership.
In the Subscription model, the client will make payments in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to be granted with a license to use the software product.

Yes. All you have to do is send our team an email on info(at)kangai.co.ke & you will receive the link in your email within minutes. You will also receive a software proposal document with features, modules & options of the software product.

All our software products come fully integrated with selected banks & Safaricom's M-Pesa platforms. To get started, we shall provide you with a letter template that you will only need to attach your company letterhead & logo, & append your signature/company seal/stamp.
This letter will then get submitted to your bank or mobile money paybill provider, who shall then contact our team to initiate the integration process.
For M-Pesa Paybill integration, the whole cycle takes about 3 - 7 working days. For banks, which are a bit bureaucratic with this process, it can take anything from 14 - 45 working days.

Yes. We can integrate our software platform with your bulk SMS provider or you can let us setup the service with our reliable partners & we shall enable you to broadcast bulk messages to your members or clients straight from the system.
You can also setup automated SMS notifications to be sent to your clients once payments are received, annual general meetings (AGM) alerts, reminders & warnings.

The system can be integrated with special features such as the Safaricom B2C API platform that enables you to disburse loans to members all at the touch of a button.
This feature reduces operation costs such as new cheque book fees, traveling costs for signatories & also the timeline it takes for loans to get disbursed.

We do not have any hidden costs or charges in all our products. Once we negotiate on a favorable contract with you, the financial bit of it is always final.
All costs are broken down into modules like training costs, integration costs, support & maintenance charges, bulk SMS costs e.t.c

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. For example, *254# or *254*100#.
Our software products can be configured into USSD formats for usage by feature phones & old model mobile phones with limited or no internet connectivity.
All you need to do is contact us & let us setup an ideal solution for your company.

We offer a complimentary support package to our clients that consist of 12 months free support from the day of purchase.
We also conduct follow ups via site visits, Skype sessions & telephone calls periodically to ensure the smooth running of the system.
Customizations & upgrades are based on the severity of the project & can be tabulated on request.
We offer System training to users free of charge & on successful completion issue a certificate to the system users.

The greatest thing about our softwares is the fact that they are cloud-based.
This means it can run on any web browser, on any computer or smartphone with a reliable internet connection.

Our software products use an algorithm of combined security features including user names, passwords, & encryption keys to ensure that only authorized users have access to your sensitive data.
We also install military grade Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificates that ensures the data transmitted between our servers & your web server is encrypted, making it more difficult for hackers to decipher.

Contact Us

Monarch House, 1st Floor, Thika Road, Adjacent To USIU

info (at) kangai.co.ke

+254 737 283 113

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