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Kangai Custom Software Development Management Software-Kangai Technologies

Custom Software Development Solutions

The Best Cloud Solutions For Your Company.

Kangai Technologies is an upcoming Fintech company that has multiple years of experience in the custom software development industry.

We have the expertise to develop all sorts of challenging concepts, from simple customizations & repairs to the other end of full-cycle system development from scratch.

We have a fully fledged UI/UX Design department that specializes with the front end graphics design & testing of all our custom software developments ensuring only the optimal system outputs are released.

At Kangai, we pride ourselves with self-made custom software development softwares & applications that help our clients improve their daily business operations, promote efficiency, productivity & transparency.

Our mission is to help you save time in your day to day operations & reduce costs incurred ensuring that the main focus becomes business growth in the long run.

Contact us and let us discuss & formulate your idea into a solution.

Kangai Custom Software Development Management Software-Kangai Technologies

Custom Solutions Architecture

A software architecture is the conceptual model that defines the structure, behavior & more views of a software. Here is ours.

Billing Management Module-Kangai Technologies

Microservice, N-Tier & Onion Architectures

Our Custom Software Development approach to architecture & emanating design issues is quite pragmatic.

We turn our focus on the most important areas that are worth investing up-front time whereby, the design comes only after more important development iterations are finished.

Microservice Architecture is popular in custom software development as it allows continuous delivery for complex development.

N-Tier Architecture is an architecture known for the separation of presentation, application, & management.

Onion Architecture primarily revolves around the core which is the domain.

Online Members Portal-Kangai Technologies


All our Software products come equipped with an integrated mobile friendly member/user portal that is accessible on any mobile device with a working internet connection.

Your clients will be able to log in to the portal whereby they can access information on their personal accounts.

You may also use this portal to post announcements & notices on this portal so as to reach their clients in good time.

Your clients may also post enquiries, complaints & other types of feedback for quick resolution by the management in charge.

Mobile Loans Dispensation-Kangai Technologies


We have developed an instant mobile loan dispensation feature that is implemented via the M-pesa Business-to-Consumer (B2C) mechanism.

This happens in real-time basis.

All you need to do is set up parameters that the software will verify before declaring the qualifications of a member’s loan request.

Once the amount qualified is verified, the software links to the M-pesa portal automatically to check on the available balance before dispensing the loan amount to the members’ phone number instantly.

This feature can be accessed either through a USSD platform or the online members portal.

This kind of innovation serves to promote compliance among members so as to ensure they qualify for higher amounts of this mobile loan.

Bank And M-pesa Integration-Kangai Technologies


The Kangai Custom Software Development has the capacity for integration with a number of banks such as Co-operative Bank, Equity Bank, Family Bank, KCB, DTB & M-Pesa.

This allows seamless communication between the financial institutions & the company at no extra fee.

The software will receive debit notifications whenever members make payments to the company irrespective of the channel they use.
This in turn reduces the need to manually post transactions because the data is automatically dispensed within the software.

This kind of transactions promote transparency & accuracy of the transactional data from clients. It also serves to ease up on the laborious tasks of banking reconciliation.

Cash Book And General Ledger-Kangai Technologies


The Cash book captures all Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payables like Shares & Savings Contributions, Loan Repayments, Incomes & Expenses etc.

The software enables faster adaptation of these transactions into the financial platform with the integration of Banks & M-Pesa notifications to ensure synchronization of information & fasttrack data processing.

The General Ledger is composed of financial reports that are necessary in the day to day running of business firms.

Therefore, submission of vital documentation to the regulators will be easy & automated.

You get unfettered access to reports such as Ageing reports for Creditors & Debtors, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, GL Journals Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Statement among others.

Support And Maintenance-Kangai Technologies


We offer a complimentary support package to our clients that consist of 12 months free support from the day of purchase.

We also conduct follow-ups via physical site visits, Cisco Webex, Skype & Zoom sessions & telephone calls periodically to ensure the smooth running of the software.

Customizations & Upgrades are based on the severity of the project & can be tabulated on request.

We also use 3rd party applications such as AnyDesk & TeamViewer to provide exquisite, fast & real-time support services.

We also offer Software training to users free of charge & on successful completion, we issue a certificate to the software users.

Bulk SMS Services-Kangai Technologies


Bulk SMS services are integral to the software as a mode of communication & alert notification.

We have partnered with an International Service Provider (ISP) to help us provide the best services to our clientele.

For this, we recommend the purchase of a Sender ID that will be used as the title for any sms sent to members by the software.

This will promote the authenticity of the communication channel to members.

Sender IDs are sourced for all networks that you intend to send messages to.

For example, you will be at liberty to choose whether you want to purchase one for Safaricom, Airtel or Telkom.

Each of these have a one-off fee of Kshs 10,000.

The only other cost involved in this services is the purchase of SMS bundles which can cost anywhere between Kshs 0.4 to 0.8 dependent on the number of SMS purchased.

Software Security-Kangai Technologies


Our software products are equipped with state of the art access controls mechanisms. Access must be limited to authorized users via a secure authentication process.

Each user must have a unique username, & the sharing of accounts must not be allowed. System administrators should have a separate admin account to perform any administration tasks.

Access to our products must be password protected. Such protection shall include but not be limited to the secure & state of the art password policy; an automatic session logoff after a certain amount of idle time; lock out in case of multiple failed login attempts;

Safe & reliable password reset process; change of passwords at least every 90 calendar days. Passwords shall always be stored & transmitted in a secure way, e.g. by encryption, hashing or discrete channels.

Data Security-Kangai Technologies


You can rest assured that all data servers containing or processing your data must be located in a secure data center/online/offline server, to which access is restricted.

We always implement a backup policy that ensures system & data recovery for at least 30 days backwards. Our primary mandate is to commit to protect all your data by protecting the software using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

We will also strive to ensure that data is secured by means of multi-layer encryption services & packages such as AES Encryption, SHA256 among others.

Kangai Technologies shall provide secure & certified data hosting while it’s in transit & at rest. We shall deliver this by using at least eight cloud server storage options available to us for purposes of online hosting & data storage.

Our Industries

Industries & Sectors Our Custom Software Development Products Have Been Tried & Tested.


Saccos, Housing Co-operatives, Micro-Finance Institutions, Insurance Brokerage Firms, Chamas & Self Help Groups.


Processing companies, Manufacturing Industries, Service Industries, Assembly Lines, Factories & Automotive Firms.


Payroll Management, Leave Management, Staff Attendance, Disciplinary Management & Asset Management.


E-Learning Institutions, Digital Academies, Public & Private Schools, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Kangai Technologies? Ask us anything about our brand, projects, & get factual responses.

Frequently Asked Questions-Kangai Technologies

Yes. All our softwares are configured to run on a secure browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Brave.
Thus, we host our software products on our dedicated cloud servers to enable seamless access & connectivity from anywhere in the world.

We price our software products quite competitively.
Pricing is based on factors such as; number of users, physical location & the scope of data.

We also have two models of payment; One-off & subscription models.
In the One-off model, the software is sold at an agreed fee & the software license is transferred to the client as a deed of full ownership.
In the Subscription model, the client will make payments in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to be granted with a license to use the software product.

Yes. All you have to do is send our team an email on info(at) & you will receive the link in your email within minutes. You will also receive a software proposal document with features, modules & options of the software product.

All our software products come fully integrated with selected banks & Safaricom's M-Pesa platforms. To get started, we shall provide you with a letter template that you will only need to attach your company letterhead & logo, & append your signature/company seal/stamp.
This letter will then get submitted to your bank or mobile money paybill provider, who shall then contact our team to initiate the integration process.
For M-Pesa Paybill integration, the whole cycle takes about 3 - 7 working days. For banks, which are a bit bureaucratic with this process, it can take anything from 14 - 45 working days.

Yes. We can integrate our software platform with your bulk SMS provider or you can let us setup the service with our reliable partners & we shall enable you to broadcast bulk messages to your members or clients straight from the software.
You can also setup automated SMS notifications to be sent to your clients once payments are received, annual general meetings (AGM) alerts, reminders & warnings.

The software can be integrated with special features such as the Safaricom B2C API platform that enables you to disburse loans to members all at the touch of a button.
This feature reduces operation costs such as new cheque book fees, traveling costs for signatories & also the timeline it takes for loans to get disbursed.

We do not have any hidden costs or charges in all our products. Once we negotiate on a favorable contract with you, the financial bit of it is always final.
All costs are broken down into modules like training costs, integration costs, support & maintenance charges, bulk SMS costs e.t.c

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. For example, *254# or *254*100#.
Our software products can be configured into USSD formats for usage by feature phones & old model mobile phones with limited or no internet connectivity.
All you need to do is contact us & let us setup an ideal solution for your company.

We offer a complimentary support package to our clients that consist of 12 months free support from the day of purchase.
We also conduct follow ups via site visits, Skype sessions & telephone calls periodically to ensure the smooth running of the software.
Customizations & upgrades are based on the severity of the project & can be tabulated on request.
We offer Software Training to users free of charge & on successful completion issue a certificate to the software users.

The greatest thing about our softwares is the fact that they are cloud-based.
This means it can run on any web browser, on any computer or smartphone with a reliable internet connection.

Our software products use an algorithm of combined security features including user names, passwords, & encryption keys to ensure that only authorized users have access to your sensitive data.
We also install military grade Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificates that ensures the data transmitted between our servers & your web server is encrypted, making it more difficult for hackers to decipher.

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