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About Us

Kangai Technologies is a FinTech startup company that develops Software Applications for small & middle sized enterprises (SMEs).

Since 2017, we have offered a wide range of high quality services in the development, delivery, & maintenance of software in Nairobi & Africa as a whole.

Our Background

Founded in 2017 & headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with multiple remote locations in Africa, Kangai is 100% founder owned & highly profitable.

Our Vision

To be an internationally acclaimed Information, Communication & Technology Solution Provider based on dynamic principles of innovation, efficiency, skill & perfection..

Our Mission

To build long term relationships with our clients & provide exceptional services by pursuing business through innovation & advanced technology.

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Who We Are

Kangai Technologies is a Kenyan firm that specializes in software development.

Our key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in the ICT sector, a network of local & international partners, & a very competitive pricing strategy to deliver quality software solutions.

It is our mission to empower you to become a truly connected firm. Using our industry-leading suite of products across API management, analytics, business transformation, integration & IoT we create a fluid flow of data between departments, devices, people & systems.

At Kangai, we are all about excellence, passion, & flexibility. For the last 6 years, we have offered world-class services in custom software development services, ICT consulting, testing, & user interface design.

We follow three main rules to get to our goals: do it on-time, do it within scope, & offer the best service with a lower cost than our competition.

Who We Are-Kangai Technologies

What We Do

We combine expertise & experience in helping our customers increase efficiency, profitability & productivity through use of technology.

Who We Are-Kangai Technologies


We offer world-class services through Agile & Traditional Methodologies by relying on the most talented pool of engineers in the East & Central African Region.

Our full-proof reputation in automation & innovation is built on multiple years of management experience in the financial, human resource, health & real estate sector.

Our areas of speciality are in the following areas;

  • System Integrations with Banks
  • Transaction Banking Solutions
  • Document Management Workflows
  • Biometrics Solutions
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMIS)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Healthcare Management Systems (HMIS)
  • Core Banking Solutions for Credit Unions (Saccos)
  • Loan Facility Solutions for Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs)
  • Bulk SMS Solutions
  • Mobile Money Integration (M-Pesa C2B, B2C)
Support And Maintenance-Kangai Technologies


Our qualified software engineers & project managers do a thorough scrutiny of all systems we provide to ensure you get the best solution for the least price.

Every piece of software Kangai Technologies creates is especial – it seeks to solve a unique problem for a business or end user.
This requires technical expertise in every aspect of software development.

This is why we have been recruiting, training, & empowering world-class engineers for years on end.
At Kangai Technologies, we understand the technical needs in each discipline that is needed to execute every project with technical precision.

Excellent And Secure Products-Kangai Technologies


Kangai Technologies has delivered excellent software products & managed software projects from the inception of the idea, to requirements, design, coding, testing, & disseminating.

We shall always commit to give you value when sourcing for a system. All our proposed solutions are scalable, modular & secure.

We dissect the system to ensure the architecture deployed will meet your immediate & future needs.

Quality Policy-Kangai Technologies


  • Build & maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our Suppliers & Business Partners

  • Definition of clear, measurable & achievable Company Goals

  • Fair treatment of Customers & Employees

  • Professional & Reliable attitude in our project management
Join Our Winning Team-Kangai Technologies


We're proud to hire & work with only the best.
We're looking for people whose imagination knows no limits & whose passion is to do what matters most.

We are our people. Kangai Technologies seeks to make the world a better place by empowering our people’s social initiatives.
All our staff members volunteer at projects that fulfill specific needs of charity & non-profit organizations.

We are also members of different committees that assess the scope & impact of our projects. Our true success is to make our community better.

Our Values

Kangai Technologies is based on innovation, creativity, & knowledge. We are satisfied with what we do & proud to integrate an organization that respects values such as:

Professional Development

We invest in our employees, with comprehensive programs for professional development & generous financial assistance for those who wish to pursue continuing education.

Honesty & Integrity

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards for honesty, integrity, trust, & transparency within our organization & when interacting with our global clients.


No matter where our clients are located, they can access clear & detailed information about our progress on their projects around the clock.

Client Satisfaction

Our teams are fully focused on delivering true value to help our global clients succeed in a challenging & dynamic business environment.

Performance Evaluation

We view performance evaluation as a participatory process that evolves over time. Each year, employees & supervisors work together to identify & assess their progress toward clearly defined objectives & goals.


We recognize that a cohesive team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our employees draw on talents, experiences, & interests while working in close collaboration to consistently deliver high-quality services to our clients.


Information Technology & project management require agility & a willingness to adapt to the ever-changing needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide creative & innovative solutions our clients need.

Open Door Policy

Our managers always have an open door, so employees feel free to provide input on decision-making & production processes, or simply to seek guidance in their daily work or in their career trajectory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about Kangai Technologies? Ask us anything about our brand, projects, & get factual responses.

Frequently Asked Questions-Kangai Technologies

Yes. All our systems are configured to run on a secure browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Brave.
Thus, we host our software products on our dedicated cloud servers to enable seamless access & connectivity from anywhere in the world.

We price our software products quite competitively.
Pricing is based on factors such as; number of users, physical location & the scope of data.

We also have two models of payment; One-off & subscription models.
In the One-off model, the software is sold at an agreed fee & the software license is transferred to the client as a deed of full ownership.
In the Subscription model, the client will make payments in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis to be granted with a license to use the software product.

Yes. All you have to do is send our team an email on info(at) & you will receive the link in your email within minutes. You will also receive a software proposal document with features, modules & options of the software product.

All our software products come fully integrated with selected banks & Safaricom's M-Pesa platforms. To get started, we shall provide you with a letter template that you will only need to attach your company letterhead & logo, & append your signature/company seal/stamp.
This letter will then get submitted to your bank or mobile money paybill provider, who shall then contact our team to initiate the integration process.
For M-Pesa Paybill integration, the whole cycle takes about 3 - 7 working days. For banks, which are a bit bureaucratic with this process, it can take anything from 14 - 45 working days.

Yes. We can integrate our software platform with your bulk SMS provider or you can let us setup the service with our reliable partners & we shall enable you to broadcast bulk messages to your members or clients straight from the system.
You can also setup automated SMS notifications to be sent to your clients once payments are received, annual general meetings (AGM) alerts, reminders & warnings.

The system can be integrated with special features such as the Safaricom B2C API platform that enables you to disburse loans to members all at the touch of a button.
This feature reduces operation costs such as new cheque book fees, traveling costs for signatories & also the timeline it takes for loans to get disbursed.

We do not have any hidden costs or charges in all our products. Once we negotiate on a favorable contract with you, the financial bit of it is always final.
All costs are broken down into modules like training costs, integration costs, support & maintenance charges, bulk SMS costs e.t.c

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. For example, *254# or *254*100#.
Our software products can be configured into USSD formats for usage by feature phones & old model mobile phones with limited or no internet connectivity.
All you need to do is contact us & let us setup an ideal solution for your company.

We offer a complimentary support package to our clients that consist of 12 months free support from the day of purchase.
We also conduct follow ups via site visits, Skype sessions & telephone calls periodically to ensure the smooth running of the system.
Customizations & upgrades are based on the severity of the project & can be tabulated on request.
We offer System training to users free of charge & on successful completion issue a certificate to the system users.

The greatest thing about our softwares is the fact that they are cloud-based.
This means it can run on any web browser, on any computer or smartphone with a reliable internet connection.

Our software products use an algorithm of combined security features including user names, passwords, & encryption keys to ensure that only authorized users have access to your sensitive data.
We also install military grade Secure Socket Layers (SSL) certificates that ensures the data transmitted between our servers & your web server is encrypted, making it more difficult for hackers to decipher.

Our CLients

We would love nothing more than adding you to our family of happy clients. Join the Winning Team.

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