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Simple Cloud Payroll System

K-Pay Payroll Management Software

K-Pay is a cloud-based, fully integrated payroll management system that has been
developed for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

You can use it to run your payroll whether you are a company with less than
10 employees or a multi-national organization consisting of over 100 members
of staff.

The Online platform allows you to access, share & alter your data & run your
Payroll operations from anywhere & at any time while using any telecommunication
device such as your tablet, smart phone or laptop.

K-Pay has been engineered to generate comprehensive reports & statements
for both internal & external usage all at the click of a button.

With our K-Pay payroll system, paying your employees has never been easier.

The Latest Payroll Features.

Employee HR Bio-data
The Employee Database is flexible to accommodate critical & enormous information such as personal details, contacts details & next of kin contact persons, academic & professional qualifications & much more.
Payroll Generation
The system is programmed to automate the payroll process using the employee data recorded on appointment. Generate all payslips at the click of a button & download all manner of reports & statements. Statutory deductions like PAYE, NSSF, NHIF & NHDF included.
Time & Attendance Management
The Software has the mechanism to track & compute each employee’s working hours. This can be recorded either on a daily basis or in terms of the total number of days worked.
Leave Management
K-Pay automates the leave application procedure by enabling an employee to apply for leave directly from their portal hence, reducing paperwork. Management officials can also generate quick reports on leave status of their staff.
Inventory Management
The Payroll tracks all item issues to employees that are recorded. The period & state of the equipment is also monitored thereby saving on costs of maintenance & repairs.

Benefits of K-PAY Online Payroll Software.

24 / 7 Customer Support

We are always available through site visits, telephone calls, email & even Tele-conferencing apps like Zoom, Cisco Webex & Teamviewer.

Web-Based Platform

The system is accessible over a web browser like Chrome or Firefox or Opera. You can login & monitor your firm from anywhere worldwide.


The Software is light & compressed enough to be accessed from any mobile or tablet device with a working internet connection.

Data Security

K-PAY has multiple Access Control & Security Mechanisms to prevent Unauthorized Access, Data Theft, Data Manipulation By Staff etc ensuring your payroll data is secure & verified.

Statutory Compliance

Reports required by KRA, NSSF, NHIF, NHDF & NITA. These include P9, P10/P10A, NSSF & NHIF Byproduct Files, NHDF contributions & NITA compliance forms.

Audit Trail

The system is integrated with a state of the art audit trail logger that tracks & logs all operations within the software including logins, report generations, transactions & any alterations.

Print OR Email Payslips

With K-Pay you no longer have to worry about the hassle of printing payrolls & payslips, all you need to do is click on the print button or send the generated payslips via email.

Tracking of Benefits

It's optimized to handle infinite numbers of benefits & earnings within a period of time. This means taxable & Non-taxable Allowances & Deductions are captured infinitely.

Cost Savings

Make huge savings in your company's operations budget with this system. We have captured all modules in a typical HR department thereby reducing the paperwork required.

PAYE TAX Rates Last Updated on 25th April 2020.

Monthly Taxable Pay (Ksh) Annual Taxable Pay (Ksh) Rate of Tax (%)
Up to 24,000Up to 288,00010
24,001 - 40,667288,001 - 488,00015
40,668 - 57,333488,001 - 688,00020
Above 57,333Above 688,00025
Item Monthly Limit (Ksh) Annual Limit (Ksh) Effective Date
Allowable Hospital Contribution8,00096,0001st July 2018
Affordable Housing Relief9,000108,0001st July 2018
Allowable Owner Occupier Interest25,000300,0001st January 2017
Allowable Pension Fund Contribution20,000240,0001st January 2006
Disability Exemption150,0001,800,00010th March 2010
Insurance Relief5,00060,0001st January 2007
Personal Relief2,40028,80025th April 2020

NHIF Rates Last Updated on 1st April 2015.

Gross Pay (Ksh)
Deduction (Ksh)
Gross Pay (Ksh)
Deduction (Ksh)
Up to 5,999150
6,000 - 7,99930040,000 - 44,9991000
8,000 - 11,99940045,000 - 49,9991100
12,000 - 14,99950050,000 - 59,9991200
15,000 - 19,99960060,000 - 69,9991300
20,000 - 24,99975070,000 - 79,9991400
25,000 - 29,99985080,000 - 89,9991500
30,000 - 34,99990090,000 - 99,9991600
35,000 - 39,999950100,000 & above1700

NSSF Rates Last Updated on 10th January 2014.

Employee Earnings Pensionable Earnings Tier I Pensionable Earnings Tier I Employee Deduction Tier I Employer Contribution Tier I Total Contribution
Tier II Pensionable Earnings Tier II Employee Deduction Tier II Employer Contribution Tier II Total Contribution Total Pension Contribution
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